Turkish chat – Chat rooms means ” Sohbet odaları ” !

Turkish chat rooms are highly popular that people visit every night and day using for meeting , dating  matching and enjoying with theirs etnicty in Turkey.People use chat rooms for many reasons which are especially part of their daily routines.Therefor when you search "SOHBET"   words on google you will run cross dozens of chat web page.Every chat pages are about something else such as religions chat rooms , dating chat rooms , islamic chat rooms e.g.

Turkish chat is most important way to find a partner as darling or for marriage too.In Turkey , people use chat rooms for mariage  which is very  necessary action they do.If you visit Turkey you can also look for friends on chat rooms who you can hangout with him/her.Beside chat rooms , social media web site also take very important place  here.Facebook groups , twitter pages and instagram website are used by Turkey peopele because they make them happy.Also we can talk about phone apps which are also help to people for being socialize too.Tinder , h4ppn are most popular apps that people use in daily routines.

As we wrote above , people call chat in turkish "sohbet " for chat rooms, for  "sohbet odaları" and for talk use "muhabbet".Everyday people search on google out these keywords thousand times every minutes.So if you are curious what turkish people search on search engine then you knew it anymore.Ofcourse when you need talk on these rooms you have to write these turkish words.


Firstly , these chat rooms are indcluding text chat types many.People dont trust eachother and dont want to show their webcam so they prefer to use text chat instead of video chat.Also they dont want recognized by someone who are from around ,neighborhood etc.Before enter chat rooms you need a nickname that is necessary for text chat.Second will be enter a room which is about your interests and hobbies.Music ,  books , travel , dating etc.


Everyday beside people from turkey you may see turkish people from europe ,usa , sweden , german, holland , belgium ,france cities here.It is interesting but they love to be here talk in their language so being with their community make them happy as they are said.In turkey many girls and boys, widow man and widow woman visit turkish chat rooms for finding a partner for hanging out together.Istanbul , izmir , adana , konya ,ankara ,eskisehir are most popular cities that visit chat rooms.


As we mentioned above , you can find many types of text chat rooms if you search "sohbet" words which are about islam religion , musics , books , girls-boys, sextuality etc.But we will write you most online chat rooms are visited by turkish people.

Search term is "Geveze sohbet" - Geveze.org ; This service is provided by Turks so it is bigger turkish chat rooms thay you can see.

Search term is "Mynet sohbet" - Mynet.com ; It was also provided by Turks and was very popular In the early 2000s.But you can find fake of them are popular now too.Such as sohbet.mynet.bz

Search term is "Gabile sohbet" - Gabile.com ; That is the most popular website that LGBT individuals visit everyday.Also we have a article here.

Search term is "Sohbetci" or "TRSohbet"  - Sohbetci.com , TRSohbet.com , Bizimmekan.com , Soyle.net; These are also popular chat rooms which are people visit everyday too.They are text chat websites and including clean chats.

There are video chat rooms which are omeglatv.com , chatrulet.net ,canlisaray.com that you have to see also.

As result , if you want to visit a turkish chat websites then you must read that article before visit.If you look for clean chat then if you would visit gabile website you will definitely be regret...

If you have and suggestions about turkish chat rooms you can share as comment below.


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    nermo November 27, 2020

    I had been in turkey several years ago.During that time when I bored I used to join mynet , geveze, tam sohbet for enjoying.Actually I loved it because it helps me learn their language.So if you look for something like improve your foreing language I suggest you that way on turkish chat rooms.

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      ziman November 27, 2020

      That is nice I agree wit you for result you wrote.

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