Safety Tips

In any type of chats which are video chat , text chat, roulette chat you must know some rules during your conversations.So when you talk to some one on the internet ,you have to know what you do and becarefull! Here we will remaind you some important rules;

1- Do not write some one on chat when you are drunk.When you are drunk , you dont know what you share actually you cant controll yourself.As result of conversations you could share things you wish you would never want.

2- Do not share illegal content with your chat-friends. Any conversation without the consent of the recorded person, photos that have been taken without permission and pornographic content are in the black list, even if you own them. The first reason is that you never know whose hands this will reach, and who will share it. Have also in the back of your mind that the Electronic Crime Service is always around.So it could be dangerous situation for you.

3- You must know that , you can always end the conversation you alreayd started with someone.You are freely can control your chat page.Just remaind report , next ,block button which you can use.

4- Dont share your important life informations which can be your identity , about your family and your address , credit cards etc.

5- You cant be here if you are under 18 years old.So if you are under 18 years old please left here.It could be dangerous for you.Or if you are adult and you come across a person who is under 18. please warn him/her for leaving conversation or you can block too.

6- Sites like Omegle , chatroulette , chatrandom which are including text and video chat can destroy your mind if you are optimistic one.Because people who you meet here dont care about you.Please dont forget this one and just enjoy it.