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Welcome to Chat rooms with Text Chat option.Our text chat rooms are base on IRC ( which is mobile friendly so that means you can use your phone , tablet or desktop for connecting to conversation.All people are online user that means there is always one under name of nickname.Before starting choose a nickname and press connect to start chat.For being there no need signup but if you like you can register a nickname for protect your nickname.

Text chat gives you chance to write stranger in private section.If you are here for match someone then this is the best one that you can meet someone on internet for dating.Just dont forget Safety Tips: )


If you are good chatter and after while you hate to use al words any time.For example; ASL (Age , Sex, Location).This chat abbreviations will help you to make chat easier.They are easy to use also save time for you.Not only here , people use Abbreviations on social medias.In big letters or small letters does not matter gives same meaning.Online chat on Text chat always is easy to write someone.

?4U   - I have a question for you.
^^ - Read line above
121 - one-to-one
<3 - love
2 -  to
2mrw - tomorrow
4 - for
AFK - away from keyboard
AKA - also known as
ASAP - as soon as possible
A/S/L - age/sex/location
AYT - Are you there?
B2W - back to work
B4 - before
BF - boyfriend
BFF-  best friend(s) forever
BTW - by the way
CUZ/COS - because
CWYL - Chat with you later
DC - disconnected
DIY - Do it yourself
DM - Direct Message
F2F - face-to-face
FAQ -  frequently asked questions
FB - Facebook
FYI - for your information
FYEO - for your eyes only

GB - goodbye
GF - girlfriend
GG - Gotta go
GL - good luck
GR8 - great!
HBD - Happy Birthday
How r u - How are you?
IC - I see
IDK -  I don't know
IK - I know
IM - Instant Message
IOW -  in other words
J/K -  just kidding
K - OK
LOL - laugh out loud
M/F - male or female?
MSG - message
PLZ - please
PM - Private Message